Michael's Voice:

• Rich, powerful and sonorous for promo’s and trailers.
• Warm, deep and credible for narrations.
• Confident, witty, caring and fun for commercials.
• Smooth and professional for presentations.
• Commended for having the ability to make technical jargon sound conversational.

Mid-Atlantic, (think John Lithgow in “3rd Rock from the Sun”), Russian, Mid-East, New York tough, South West (Sam Elliott), Irish.

25 years experience in the voice over field.

My Clients

Television Promo

CNN "Planet in Peril"
ESPN "Home Run Derby"

Radio Imaging



Commercial Clients

My Studio

Sony Sound Forge

Shure KSM27 mic

DigiDesign MBox

Dead Space Booth

• Can record and then deliver the audio files via Email
• Can record and then upload the audio files via FTP
• Can record and then deliver the files by regular mail
• Can deliver edited and finished voice tracks
• Offers voice direction services